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Newbie to Poke Meta? Find out the Pokemon World in Poke Meta now to become the best trainers and beat the challenge!

♦ Introduction

Poke Meta is a Strategy - Card Battle Mobile game which is constructed based on Pokemon - famous Anime/Manga about Monster. Moreover, Poke Meta is created on the 2.5D & 3D Graphics which can bring trainers to the realistic battle of Pokemon World.

What will you choose? Become the best trainers and challenge the GYM to become the Champion or join with Team Rocket and become a part of this villain association? It's your choice!

♦ Gameplay

Poke Meta will bring trainers to the epic battle of Pokemon game where you have to fight to find out the Champion of Pokemon title. Beside that, trainers also have to face with the challenge from the attack of Team Rocket - the wonderful villain association. Be strong, be united, be brave and get ready to face all challenge.

There are 18 attributes with different roles and types which allow trainers to show off your ideal strategies and beat the challenge. This special feature is also the most attractive aspect which helps trainers to create the diversity of gameplay.

♦ Pokemon & Features

As we mentioned before, there are 18 attributes and more than 300+ Pokemon are going to appear in Poke Meta. Trainers will have to learn how to upgrade, train, evolve, ... your Pokemon to awake their real strength. On the other hand, with the diversity of features, trainers can enjoy the epic battle through Multi - server Arena, Dungeon, Union War, ... to show your skill and strategy.

Login daily for free Pokemon draw only in Poke Meta and other free Gifts. Download now and walk through the Battle in Poke Meta